B.O.D. – Kate Hudson

Blonde Girl Studio Blonde Of the Day is the always cool Kate Hudson! brings you her 17 not so known facts about the golden curled star

  • Her amazing bod is the result of her religious training to keep fit. Kate practices pole dancing and has one installed in her bathroom.
  • She relaxes by playing guitar and writing music.
  • When she was younger she would help with makeup on Goldie Hawn’s set.
  • She received a scuba diving certificate while training and filming for the movie Fools Gold.
  • Kate had for some reason rejected the leading role of Mary Jane in Spiderman.
  • In spite of her love for acting she hates watching herself onscreen.
  • Her brother gave her a nickname ‘Hammerhead’ as a child.
  • Kate’s mother Goldie Hawn is an actress and her father is actor and comedian Bill Hudson, but she was raised by Hawn and Hawn’s long time boyfriend Kurt Russell whom Kate considered as a father despite the fact that her biological father did not like her calling Kurt Russell ‘Dad’.
  • Kate Hudson is a mother of two sons, Bingham Bellamy, 2, from Kate’s partner Matthew Bellamy and Ryder Robinson, 10, from her first marriage to Chris Robinson.
  • The Bride Wars star claims that she is desperate to have a daughter. She revealed in an interview, “If I got pregnant again I’d be happy. I’d probably just keep trying again until I got a girl. I want to be able to give back to my daughter, what my mother was able to give to me as a woman and I just wanna pass that on.”
  • In her amazing movie How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days, she was chosen for the role over Gwyneth Platrow.
  • On an exceptional incident Kate had mooned photographers at a beach after drenching their cameras.
  • She completely prefers staying at home. She says,” “One of the things that people don’t know is that I’m a homebody, I love being at home.”
  • She is also very much into science, she admitted it saying, “I am completely obsessed with the science of the brain. It’s something my mother has passed on to me and that I’m passionate to learn about.”
  • She says, “Another thing people don’t know about me is that I’ll eat anything. There is nothing that I won’t try. I’ll try anything, as crazy as it is!” She had sued and won a lawsuit against a magazine that has claimed she had an eating disorder.
  • Her amazing sense of style and antique accessories that she pulls off are a result of the fact that she buys clothes from vintage clothing shops and makes her own jewelry.
  • Her ever amazing skin is because she dislikes wearing makeup and washes her face with Cetaphil.