Blonde bonus for fine hair


Sharon Dorram of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger in New York:

How color and highlights can help to thicken fine hair-
Highlights – Bleach increases the diameter of the hair shaft by ruffling the cuticle just enough to create body.  “Every strand of the hair that’s lightened puffs up to twice its size.” Says Dorram, who suggests asking for highlights around the hairline and crown.  Another benefit of lightening up?  Less grease.  Your scalp will still be producing the same amount of oil, but rougher cuticles mean it doesn’t spread as easily, so hair won’t get oily as fast, says cosmetic chemist Mort Westman.

All over permanent color – Any permanent dye contains peroxide and will bulk up the hair shaft, even if you’re only going one shade lighter.  “A lot of people with fine hair come in wanting more body and texture, but not a dramatic color change, so we just lift the base color slightly.” says Dorram.