BLONDE Girl Studio One Year Anniversary!!!

This Valentine’s day marks the one year anniversary of opening the doors at Blonde Girl Studio. It has been the most awesome year for me.  I have built a space where I can do what I love with the most wonderful clients a stylist could ask for.  I want to thank all of my clients for choosing me to be a part of their life and giving me the opportunity to do what I love each and every day.  It is truly a dream come true and I am honored.

I’d also like to thank my wonderful partner-in-crime, Bret Ellington.  Without him, I would have never thought something like opening my own space for just me was even possible.  His example of courage to go out on his own and live his dream inspired me to do the same.  He has patiently stood back and watched me do something that most people in my life thought was crazy and supported me anyway.

Turns out – it was crazy…