Dry hair sucks!

What is the deal with dry hair?  There must be a thousand remedies claiming they are the magic portal to shiny frizz-free hair.  Yet – “CRunCH”, it keeps coming back.

So, what’s up with your perma-parched strands?

I Think Sir Issac Newton nailed it when he said: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” (I’m pretty sure he was referring to hair health) Anyway… Yes, Sir – it is true.  When it comes to hair – you truly do reap what you sow.

Poor Nutrition and excessive dieting are two of the leading causes of lackluster hair.  I’ve had many-a-client declare: ” Oh… my hair is just naturally dry”.  Really?  Yah,  that diet of Doritos and Diet Coke probably has nothing to do with it.  Look, Ladies, I understand that there may be somethings about your hair’s health that are not in your controll – Dry weather, illness, medications – but many of the things you notice happening outside your body, is caused by what is going inside your body.

What can help?

Omega 3 fatty acids – Salmon is a great source… or you can get it from supplements. Essential Omega 3s are excellent for dry scalp and hair.

Vitamins A and C – Found in dark green leafy veggies.  They help support the production of oil on the scalp.  You can brush that oil thru your strands for an awesome natural conditioning treatment.

Protein – Dry and Brittle hair is often the result of a lack of protein or bad protein choices (Mcburgers, pressed chicken parts, fake cheese out of a pump…)

GNC makes an excellent Hair Skin and Nails formula…. I have heard great things.

If you are trying to grow hair faster or trying to rectify poor nutrition choices – this has what it takes.