Living Proof…. Jennifer’s hair is flawless

This is how 80% of my new client consultations go:

Me: So,  What would you like to do with your hair today?

Client:  I really love Jennifer Aniston’s hair……

Everybody loves Jennifer Aniston’s hair, including me.  What’s there not to love? Her tresses are like a beautiful symphony.  A perfect balance of highs and low’s – Not too light, not too dark.  The blonde is creamy and soft and the browns aren’t too streaky with a hint of beige.  I use her picture as a template to hair nirvana.

She keeps it mostly light around her hairline, while keeping the back and sides more natural.  Extremely flattering on all skin tones.

The funny thing I notice about Jennifer’s hair – It can look completely different depending on where she is standing and who is taking her picture.  Sometimes the color looks cool, other times – warm.  So I try to pull up at least a half dozen pictures so that my clients can explain which Jennifer Aniston they prefer.

Warm toned – Jennifer

Cool toned – Jennifer