Cool boho style curls how to

Bring sexy back with highlights, long layers and beachy- soft curls. 1 – Wash and dry hair then spray with thermal protectant like:  Iron Shape by Redken “Heat protective spray locks in curls and straight shapes while adding a touchable, shiny finish.  Directions: Spray on dry hair then flat-iron or curl as desired. Re-spray as needed.” 2- Curl 1 inch…

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Stop eyeshadow crinkles…

Troubles with you eyeshadow disappearing into your lid creases? I have tried loads of pricey eyelid primers over the years, and I was pretty happy with them.  They all did basically what they were supposed to – keep your eye shadow even and smooth. But – they weren’t cheep. One day I ran out of my primer and didn’t have…

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Be blunt!

The latest, greatest and simplest thing ever – The blunt bob. Well, simple if you either have straight hair to begin with, or your wavy hair can be easily straightened. Go Egyptian Godess!

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Swoosh…. Side Bangs!

Side bangs are sexy!  I am a HUGE fan of the swoosh. But Ladies, please know – When they are not styled and sprayed, they are in your eyes. So, don’t do it if you’re fidget-y with that kinda thing.  That being said, they really do look good on every one.  Side bangs add a youthful softness to any hair…

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She Bangs – but she shouldn’t…

Please do not DIY bangs! Especially if you: Have been drinking. Just broke up with boyfriend/girlfriend. Are watching any movie, show or interview with Zooey Deschanel. Are visiting with your “Aunt Flo” Are Pregnant or on Fertility pills or are screwing around with your hormones in any way. Have a wedding, vacation, reunion, first date, job interview, audition, first day…

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Flower Beauty Cosmetics by Drew Berrymore

  I must be living under a rock…. because I didn’t know one of my favorite people in the universe has her own cosmetic line – :-0  AND I don’t own any of it – yet. Flower Beauty Cosmetics   Flower philosophy: You no longer have to spend a lot of money to get the quality cosmetics you want and…

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Alopecia Areata (Pattern Baldness)

Alopecia Areata (pattern baldness) is an autoimmune skin disorder where the white blood cells attack the hair follicle causing hair loss.  The women I have known who have suffered from this disorder say it is one of the most emotionally destructive thing they have ever gone through.  I can only imagine – I’d be in the fetal position crying in…

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Living Proof…. Jennifer’s hair is flawless

This is how 80% of my new client consultations go: Me: So,  What would you like to do with your hair today? Client:  I really love Jennifer Aniston’s hair…… Everybody loves Jennifer Aniston’s hair, including me.  What’s there not to love? Her tresses are like a beautiful symphony.  A perfect balance of highs and low’s – Not too light, not…

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