She Bangs – but she shouldn’t…

Please do not DIY bangs!
Especially if you:
  • Have been drinking.
  • Just broke up with boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Are watching any movie, show or interview with Zooey Deschanel.
  • Are visiting with your “Aunt Flo”
  • Are Pregnant or on Fertility pills or are screwing around with your hormones in any way.
  • Have a wedding, vacation, reunion, first date, job interview, audition, first day of school or birthday with a zero in it in the very near future.
  • Feel bad because you don’t have…… (whatever)

Because, trust me, this is what happens:

You think you’ll have this —
Or this—-
Maybe this —
But this is what happens —
(This had been a public service announcement) xoxoxo – Leslie