Swoosh…. Side Bangs!

Side bangs are sexy!  I am a HUGE fan of the swoosh.

But Ladies, please know – When they are not styled and sprayed, they are in your eyes. So, don’t do it if you’re fidget-y with that kinda thing.  That being said, they really do look good on every one.  Side bangs add a youthful softness to any hair style. (and a wrinkle curtain, if you need it)

I don’t recommend you try to DIY this deal.  Although, it seems easy enough to do, there is a trick to cutting them right.  There needs to be a subtle layer near the bottom of the bang line to soften the edge and facilitate the swooshing.  Without this softening, your side bangs will look more like a mud flap.

Cheers! xoxo, Leslie