What are Flat Track Extentions?

Flat Track Hair Extension is a method of sewing a weft (track) onto the hair without using a braid or glue.

What is a hair weft?

A Weft is a track of hair that is either hand or machine tied at the top and free flowing at the bottom (like a curtain).

Wefts are applied horizontally, one track at a time, to the back of the head, ear to ear.  Individual strands can then be secured with micro links to the sides if needed.

How is the hair attached?

Tracks are sewn in with the help of small silicone lined beads that have been attached to the hair forming a base. The weft is laid on top of this base and secured using a special knotting stitch.

What does the base look like?

This method distributes the weight of the hair evenly preventing any uncomfortable pulling.

The hair weft can be detached then reattached over and over as long as the hair is maintained properly.

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