Why do I care about Parabens and Sulfates?

Parabens are used in cosmetics as a preservative for their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Parabens are becoming increasingly controversial because of their ability to slightly mimic estrogen (a hormone known to play a role in the development of breast cancer). To date, NO direct links between parabens and cancer have been established.

Sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate) is an inexpensive detergent (foaming agent) found in many personal care products.  Although SLES is considered safe at the concentrations used in cosmetics, it is still considered to be an “irritant”.  As with other detergents, Sulfates can be a contributing factor to hair color fading prematurely.  Shampoos without Sulfates have been known to lack in the lather department.  Adding them to shampoo assists the water  penetrating through the grease on your scalp and hair to achieve a much deeper clean.

There have been stories about how sulfates are carcinogenic…. UMMMMM ….NOPE.  Never has there been any evidence supporting that one.

Sulfate-free baby shampoo?  It’s been that way for a while.  The sulfates in grown up’s shampoo is what makes our eyes sting – booo.  (FYI – this is also why baby shampoo doesn’t lather much.

So, who needs Sulfate free???

  • People who have dry scalp, skin, or hair.
  • People who have color that washes out easily.
  • People who have sensitive skin or have rashes or psoriasis